fuck yes, jean-ralphio!

fuckyeahstevehiggins asked:
I really like your blog! Jean Ralphio is the best!!!!!!!!!! You should listen to Ben Schwartz's podcast episode on You Made It Weird!!! He's totes cool. Anyway Love ya!

Wow thank you so much!!

And also thanks for the heads up about Ben’s podcast episode!

Here’s a link, if anyone’s interested :3


Saperstein family + singing | Gifset companion (x)


parties/knives, a mix for the two dopest little shorties in all pawnee (indiana): the saperstein twins. odd-numbered tracks are for jean-ralphio, even-numbered tracks are for mona-lisa, and the last track is a little something for the both of them.

1 you’re gonna love this - 3OH!3 2 want u back - cher lloyd 3 can we dance - the vamps 4 stephen - ke$ha 5 deer in the headlights - owl city 6 cape cod kwassa kwassa - vampire weekend 7 we throw parties, you throw knives - los campesinos! 8 hot n cold - katy perry 9 square one here i come - the hives 10 diva - beyoncé 11 the city is at war - cobra starship 12 va va voom - nicki minaj 13 i don’t care - fall out boy 14 blah blah blah - ke$ha 15 oh bo - bo burnham 16 how ya doin’ - little mix 17 starstrukk - 3OH!3


Jean-Ralphio Singing At People


always be on film: a jean-ralphio mix this boy’s so spectacular, not a boy but a wealthy bachelor (or: how did i let myself get legitimately emotionally invested in jean-ralpio saperstein god i made a huge mistake)

1 rubber traits - why? 2 you! me! dancing! - los campesinos! 3 dilettante - st. vincent 4 glockenspiel song - dog is dead 5 all my friends - lcd soundsystem 6 rococo - arcade fire 7 do you want to - franz ferdinand 8 punkb*tch - 3OH!3 9 america’s suitehearts - fall out boy 10 friend of mine - the national 11 i’m going to love my children - andrew jackson jihad 12 this boy - franz ferdinand 13 bitches ain’t shit - ben folds


i was sad so i drew my brotp


Parks and Recreation — Li’l Sebastian


FRIDAY NIGHT GURUS: a tom haverford/jean-ralphio fanmix
open-minded as hell!

tik tok // ke$ha | starstrukk // 3oh!3 ft. katy perry | get ‘em high // kanye west | let’s get it on // t-pain | champagne showers // lmfao ft. natalia kills | pretty boy swag // soulja boy | yeah! // usher ft. lil jon and ludacris | bang bang // will.i.am | freaky deaky // flo rida ft. trey songz | friday night gurus // studio killers

PLUS a secret bonus song

got all the honeys in the club excited